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Acoustic Transparency

To achieve a true Cinematic experience in your Home Cinema, you need the sound to match the image perfectly, like in real life! Screen Excellence’s Enlightor 4K projection surface enables sound to flow through the screen to merge with the Ultra HD 4k and beyond image. See and hear the difference, with a Screen Excellence A.T. projection surface.


4 X HD Quality

There are no visible holes in our Acoustically Transparent Enlightor 4K projection surface. The unique weave is so fine that it is invisible with bare eyes. This unique weave is also the reason the surface is fully compatible with Ultra HD 4k projection at any size. Screen Excellence screens can be made in various sizes and aspect ratios to match your exacting needs.

Quality Craftsmanship

Hand crafted in England, Screen Excellence world-class woven screens are using Infinite Black velvet video absorption frames to deliver perfectly framed images. Our screens are the most advanced AT screens available providing a flawless picture quality, enabling you to get the best from both your projector and sound system.See More>>

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